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Light Elegance Fall 2022 WhuDunit? Collection

Meet the 6 new Glitter Gels in the#LEWhoDunitcollection!🕵️‍♀️
Crack the code to 6 new, irresistible glitters for fall!
🗝️ What's Your Alibi?
🗝️ Questionable Motives
🗝️ Miss Suspicious
🗝️ No Clue
🗝️ Caught Red Handed
🗝️ Smokin' Gun
The WhoDunit? P+/CG/GG collection delivers a complementary collection of shades ranging from dark and mysterious to classic and elegant—perfect to complete any fall look!
⏳Pre-Order the new WhoDunit? collection available now in P+ Gel Polish, Color and Glitter Gels

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The Drive-In | Summer 2022 Collection

🍿Nothing says Summer like a drive-in movie on a warm night 📽Meet LE’s all-new Summer 2022 The Drive In ButterCream collection! ⁣

🎞 The Drive In’s six new Oscar-winning shades capture all
the anticipation, drama and butterflies Summer love entails with a palette both sophisticated and sultry.⁣

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